Cartec EQ-Pre-2A available from Kazbar Systems

Cartec Audio based in Manchester England, recognized and respected for their faithful reproduction of the timeless Pultec valve program equalizer, the EQP-1A, have just announced a new and exciting product aimed towards the creative engineers and producers that will undoubtedly appreciate the twist on the Pultec EQ, coupled with some very interesting features that will enable users to easily and quickly perform some very slick applications in the tracking and mixing process.The EQ-Pre-2A is a 2u 19” rack mount stereo discrete Op-amp Microphone/Line Preamplifier, with full ‘Pultec’ program type EQ. It also features an M/S, ( Mid/Side ) encoding or decoding section, and an AUX output.Cartec Audio designer Liam Carter explains the ideas and applications behind the design.

Cartec Audio EQ-Pre 2A available from Kazbar Systems

“The EQ-Pre-2A is a stereo preamp ad EQ using the full equalizer circuit and components from our valve EQP-1A, but with solid state discrete op-amps as used in the later ‘Pultec’ units. A second amplifier is used to provide the microphone gain, but this unit can also be used with line level by engaging the ‘LINE’ switch, so it’s flexible for tracking, and these news features can also be used in a mix context for individual tracks, or it’ll also be great on stems or mix buss work too”.“All gain and EQ controls are on rotary switches for perfect recall every time. The output transformer windings can be switched to turn this into a Mid/Side decoder (if using M/S mic technique for instance, it will output Left and Right signals), or encoder for further MS processing in the signal chain. On top of this, the rear panel features a third XLR which provides a transformer balanced Auxillary output that can be panned between channels 1 and 2 using the ‘Blend’ pot on the front. All passively.. no extra gain stages..”

In this video Paul White talks to Liam from Cartec about the EQ-Pre-2A:

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