Bock Audio & Sound Delux Microphones available from Kazbar Systems

Kazbar Systems are now stocking and have available for loan the excellent
Bock Audio and;Soundelux range of Valve and FET microphones.

Bock Audio design and build high-end microphones based on some of the great vintage microphones. Founder & owner David Bock is also the cheif engineer and has a long history working with vintage mics having been the cheif tech at Ocean Way, Hyde Street and Hit Factory during the 80s and 90s. His work included maintaining, repairing and tweaking studio vintage microphone collections used daily for their client recording engineers. Understanding how a vintage mic worked and why it sounded the way it did was part of David Bock’s unique studio experience.

  •                Bock Audio 251 available from Kazbar Systems

David became involved in microphone manufacturing in the 90s at Soundelux Studios, in Hollywood. David developed the idea of “new vintage microphone production” here which began with the advent of the Soundelux U95, and evolved to include many successful models such as the Soundelux 251, E47 and E49. David went on to launch Bock Audio in 2007, building upon his successes at Soundelux.

Bock operates like a vintage microphone production shops of the 30s and 40s, small and focused on high end product, working by hand building very small batch quantities – usually only 5 or 10 at a time – designing to a sound rather than a price point. The beauty of Bock Audio is that owner is in his lab every day, touching every microphone, involved in every step, running the show. 

Bock manufacturing employs all hand construction techniques with mics all built 5 or 10 at a time using techniques that are impossible to execute in high quantity. Bock mics are easy to repair and service. This is why higher volume production microphones that are designed to be manufactured but not repaired cannot compare to Bock hand built mics. 

Bock Microphones offer the highest level of performance, equal or better to the classics, proving it IS possible to “build it like they used to”. With Bock Microphones, you own a microphone destined for a lifetime of extraordinary studio use.

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