Big Bear Audio MP1+

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The Big Bear Audio MP1+ is the flagship unit from Big Bear Audio. It has been designed to be a no compromise preamp at a very affordable price. The MP1+ is not a clone, it has been designed from the ground up to provide engineers, producers and songwriters with an intuitive and creative microphone and instrument amplifier.

The Big Bear Audio MP1+ combines a discrete electronically balanced mic with the DIYRE Colour format. This means the MP1+ can be used as a studio reference amplifier as well as adding any additional Colour module to transform the unit into a vast range of creative and useful tones.

For a full list of Colours please visit the Colour Store

The MP1+ has a Burr-Brown electronically balanced output for the highest possible quality output stage in a very affordable unit.

The Main Features Of The Big Bear Audio MP1+ Include:

  • Discrete Class A Mic/Line Amplifier
  • Interchangeable DIYRE Colour Slot
  • Discrete Instrument Input
  • Lundahl Output Transformer
  • ELMA Stepped Attenuator
  • Audio Grade Capacitors

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Big Bear Audio MP1+

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