Audio Technica 5040 Condenser Microphone available from Kazbar Systems

In January 2014, Audio Techinca released their new addition to the high end Condenser Microphone arena, the 5040.

The 5040 is a large diaphragm microphone split into four components. This (according to Audio Technica) gives the 5040 a unique sound and adds a new dimension to the condenser mic market.

Large diaphragm microphones are the ‘go to’ microphone for that high quality lead vocal or instrument recording. They are generally multi purpose microphones which can handle all types of Male & Female vocal types. What gives different makes and models of microphones their individual characteristics can be down to diaphragm design (the part which you actually sing into), the design of the chassis (including materials used), if the mic has a valve (and type of valve) and then additional components such as resisters and transistors etc.

Although large diaphragm microphones can be in the upper price range of microphones costs, you do not have to spend over £1000 to get a decent mic, they start as little as £100 for a decent condenser mic which would be a great ‘all rounder’.

The Avantone CK6 is a great example or the MXL 990 offers amazing value for money.

Audio Technica 5040 Microphone Launch at Abbey Road Studios London with Kazbar Systems

The Audio Technica 5040 was recently launched at Abbey Road Studios and while they were there, they demonstrated the 5040 recording vocals and guitar and the results were impressive, everything you would expect from a mic of this design and value. 

Below is a video showing the performance:

Although the recording in this video has been through the mix, so it’s not a raw dry recording in the video, the end results still show a fine vocal recording showing warmth and definition.

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