Arturia MicroBrute Semi Modular Analogue Synthesizer

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The Arturia Microbrute Semi Modular Analogue Synthesizer is a small and powerful monosynth built around the same voice architecture as the Minibrute, though this synth features a modular patchbay and a sequencer.

The Microbrute includes all the features of the Minibrute, the Multi-wave Oscillator, Steiner Parker filter and Metalizer but adds a modular patchbay that allows you to re-wire the normalized signal path of the synthesizer which opens up the synth to whole new level of sound and texture creation. Also new to the Microbrute is the sequencer, this 64-step user programmable sequencer is perfect for creating basslines, melodies and drones on the fly, or you can chose to save them on the system and use them for live performances. The tempo of the sequencer and the LFO can be manually input or locked to an incoming clock source since the LFO can be slaved to the sequencer meaning your entire patch can be perfectly in time with the rest of your performance.

With a 100% analog signal path, step sequencer, superfast envelope and modulation matrix with patch bays, the Microbrute is a small unit, but yeilds a monster sound and plenty of sound creation potential.

The main features of the Arturia Microbrute include:

  • 100% Pure analog monophonic synthesizer
  • Modular patching matrix
  • 64-Step Sequencer
  • Steiner-Parker multimode filter
  • Multi-wave oscillator
  • Includes free editor Software

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Arturia MicroBrute

Product Reviews

Written by FatBob on 29th Apr 2016

A Must Have

Stupidly cheap for what you get. A full analogue monophonic synth with 64 step sequencer and a patchbay for internal/external patching and a superb Steiner-Parker filter. Small but solid - a nicely weighty bit of metal with solid knobs and sliders. And the sounds..... Oh, the sounds...! Stick it though some reverb and you are laughing. This also makes a brilliant portable control keyboard for a modular plus it gives your modular system a 64 step sequencer and a full analogue synth voice with 3 mixable waveshapes plus sub-oscillator and a brilliant filter which will accept external audio. Just price-up basic sequencer modules and full-analogue voice modules and you will soon see what a bargain this is. For £229.00 this is a snip. You would be hard-pressed to buy a CASE for most synths for this! Experiment - Midi this to a Minibrute and use the pitch out and gate out of both brutes to two separate, detuned oscillators on your modular system. Play the Minibrute keyboard and you get a 4 osc, duophonic (plays two separate notes at once) monster. After this, just start cross patching the brutes and the modular and the sonic possibilities are endless. Warning: I bought this to learn about analogue soundshaping and I now have 4 keyboard synths and an A100BS2 modular system....

Written by Sam on 4th Feb 2015

Another Great synth from Arturia !

Already owning it's big brother the Minibrute I knew after reading many reviews etc that it was going to be a good addition to my set up but was blown away by it's versatility ! It sounds great and although in my opinion so far it hasn't got the powerful deep smooth bass sounds that can be created from the Minibrute as it has no sine wave instead the Microbrute has a character of it's own.From percussive steel to squelchy 303 sounds calm to chaos all in this little machine smaller than a laptop! The clockable 64 step sequencer ,mod matrix and connectivity options just make it a steal for the money.With other cheaper synths (which will remain nameless for legal reasons) the build quality seems to have been sacrificed for popularity but not here all the knobs and faders have a great feel and feel like tey're meant to last.Recommended!