Argosy 360xi and 420xi Isolating Speaker Stands available from Kazbar Systems

Argosy have released these amazing looking and performing speaker stands for your Studio Monitor Speakers incorporating IsoAcoustic Speaker Mounts

There are four models available, the Argosy 360i, 420i, the 360Xi and the 420Xi. The 360i and 420i are essentially the same speaker stand except the 360i has a height of 36″ while the 420i has a height of 42″.

The 420Xi has a wider base designed for large Monitor Speakers (like Focal SM9‘s for example) which incorporates a new 6-Point mount by Iso Acoustics (soon to become available separately as part of the IsoAcoustics range and will be great not just for Monitor Speakers but mounting Speaker Cabs too in a live environment).

Argosy 360Xi & 420Xi Speaker Stands available from Kazbar Systems

The finish of the speaker stand is a 5/4″ powder-coated substrate, also designed with beveled edges and a great look which will enhance the look of your studio, but most importantly, enhance the dynamic of your mixes too.

Argosy speaker stands available from:

Kazbar Systems Pro Audio Sales