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Apogee Duet iOS available from Kazbar Systems

Thinking about what audio interface to buy for your desktop or laptop Apple Mac? Then let us help you along with you decision with these two crazy summer special offers.

Apogee, Studio Electronics and Waves have teamed up to bring together two recording bundles`with huge savings.

Both deals based around the Apogee Duet iOS, a superb sounding, professional audio interface with amazing pre-amps and converters.

Apogee Duet iOS available from Kazbar Systems

Deal 1 includes the multi purpose SE X1: 

Deal 2 includes the SE4400 Multi Pattern Dual Capsule Microphone:

And what better way to tune your amazing vocals (every vocal needs a little help) than Waves Tune LT: (included in both bundles)

Waves Tune Native available from Kazbar Systems

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