API 512v 500 Series Preamp available from Kazbar Systems

New to the stable of industry standard 500 Series Lunchbox modules from API is the 512v Microphone Preamp. The 512v is actually an API 512c with one important exception – it features a variable output designed to meet the needs of audio professionals using input level-sensitive devices in their workflow.

The 512v uses the same circuitry as originally designed by API’s founder Saul Walker, and utilizes the exact same high quality components, proprietary transformer and 2520 op-amp as the 512c. In a direct response to market demand, the 512v eliminates the need for external signal attenuation through third party devices, and produces the same warm, analog signal that audio professionals expect from API.The unit is available for shipment immediately.

Note: The 512v does not replace the 512c which continues to be available!

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