We are incredibly pleased to announce that the Analogue Tube AT101 Stereo Compressor and AT-1 Mono Compressor are available exclusively in the UK through Kazbar Systems.

The Analogue Tube AT101 and AT1 are a faithful modern recreation of what many people consider to be the best compressor ever; the Fairchild 670 & 660. Built by hand in the UK and constructed using authentic components each AT 1 or AT 101 is a masterpiece of audio equipment.

The companys owner Simon Saywood personally builds each unit taking around 80 hours to complete, the end result is a beautiful sounding limiter that yields all the soul and character of the original Fairchild Limiter.

Demonstrations units are about to become avilable to us, so if you would like to hear one for yourself or would like loan a unit from us to see what the AT series is all about, then please get in touch.