Analogue Tube AT-101 Stereo Mastering Compressor Limiter

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The Analogue Tube AT-101 stereo/dual channel Compressor Limiter is a truly faithful recreation of what many consider to be the best compressor ever created, the Fairchild 670.

Meticulously designed and built by hand in the UK the AT-101 is assembled point-to-point using authentic turret board wiring. Like the original compressor (and as the company name suggests) the AT-101 is all tube and free from any printed circuit boards whilst each component has also been carefully selected resulting in an authentic signal path and remarkable sound.

The AT-101 utilizes all original parts found in the original 1950’s classic - the transformers, controls and new generation 6386LGP triodes, which were developed from the original tube types, are all consistent with the parts used by Fairchild.

The meticulous attention to detail has created a beautiful, natural sounding limiter with all the soul and character of the legend it’s born from.

Whilst incredible attention has been paid to recreate the original 670’s sound there was room for some improvements to enhance the AT-101’s usability, reliability and making it easier to service (all new units ship with a lifetime guarantee):

Optional Features

  • Original CVT heater supply
  • Stepped AC threshold
  • Full Bypass function
  • Lateral /vertical switch which provides full sum and difference compression.


The Lat/Vert control has been included in a 3 position switch for stereo link IN/OUT positons, the normal Lat/vert functions perform exactly as in the original units.

Main Features of the Analogue Tube AT-101:

  • Faithful recreation of the Fairchild 670 Stereo Limiter
  • All tube design
  • Authentic components used throughout
  • Point to point wiring
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Lifetime warranty (ex-tubes)

The Analogue Tube Range is exclusively available in the UK through Kazbar Systems. We have demonstration and loan units available for trails and testing in your studio.

To arrange a demonstration or to talk options, please contact us.

Product Demonstration Services @ Kazbar Systems

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We specialize in hands on one-to-one demonstrations of pro audio equipment such as; monitors & outboard and also provide demonstrations for our range of boutique synthesizers and effects.

Contact us to arrange your demo now!

Analogue Tube AT-101 Stereo Mastering Compressor Limiter

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