Analogue Solutions MegaCity 64-Step Analogue Sequencer

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The Analogue Solutions MegaCity 64-Step Analogue Sequencer is a monster analogue sequencer that features a huge range of trigger modes, play modes and sync options to provide a comprehensive sequencing system with fluid realtime control over your performance.

With both CV and MIDI trigger options, plus quantizers, jump and reset switching and seamless DAW syncronisation, the Megacity is an all in one workhorse sequencer that brings all of your synths and DAW tracks into a dream playback and performance system.

Able to operate as either as two 32-step sequencers or as a full 64-step sequencer, megacity provides complete flexibility is a simple and easy to use system.

The main features of the Analogue Solutions MegaCity 64-Step Analogue Sequencer include:

  • Analogue step sequencer
  • Operates as either 32 or 64 steps
  • CV and MIDI triggering
  • Seamless DAW synchronisation
  • Rest and jump switches
  • Quantizer for acurrate pitches

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