Alice's Loft Studio Installation by Kazbar Systems

Alice’s Loft Music, based in Camden (office) and Wandsworth (studio) is the brainchild of Berklee College Of Music and Trinity Laban with degree and masters graduate, Denise Mangiardi. Denise was recommend to Kazbar Systems to assist with her studio upgrade requirements.

Patchbay Design And Installation by Kazbar Systems

Dave Ecceleston, Technical Manager for Kazbar Systems arranged a site visit, provided a technical design then liaised with the installation of two 16 Channel Wall Boxes, one for the main recording space downstairs and one for the Drum Room upstairs. Both boxes are cabled to a new Patchbay solution within the studio Control Room.

Dave was tasked with integrating the studio’s other Preamps and Outboard including an ART MP-2A Dual Channel Valve Preamp, D.A.V Electronics BG-4U 4 Channel Mic Preamp and a D.A.V Electronics BG-8U 8 Channel Mic Preamp. An Audient ASP880 was also added to provide an alternative tone to the excellent D.A.V, Neve and ART preamps.

For headphone monitoring; Alice’s Loft have two Hear Technologies Hearback Personal Headphone Systems. For Power Distribution, we installed and cabled a Furman Mains Distributor.

Alice's Loft Studio Installation by Kazbar Systems

Alice’s Loft Music’s specialises in recording acoustic instruments and vocals. The Studio has two Pianos (possibly soon a third), a Bluthner Grand 7.6 and a 7ft Weber. To get the most out of the sound of the Piano’s (and any recording), Denise likes to experiment with her preamps and recording techniques, utilising the ambiance of her excellent Live areas.

When recording Piano, Denise’s goto mic amp is the Neve 1073DPA due to its inherent warmth and character. The Piano tends to be close mic’d with DPA microphones, with another condenser microphone capturing the ambience of the Live space, but for all instruments and vocals, she can choose between the D.A.V, Neve, Audient or ART Preamps.

Alice's Loft Studio Installation by Kazbar Systems

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