AJH Synth Modules

Based in Bournemouth UK, 
AJH Synth have set out to create exact replicas of early R.A Moog
circuits in order to create the closest recreation of a Model D possible, the
end result is a collection of Eurorack format modules dubbed MiniMod.

The entire range is developed by Allan Hall with each module
being painstakingly crafted with meticulous attention to detail; each module
follows the design of the original Model D circuits and the end result is a
group of modules that accurately replicate the legendary sound of Bob Moog’s
famous synthesizer.

In the AJH range we have;

The MiniMod VCO,
a transistor core oscillator module that produces four waveforms, including the
much sought after Sharktooth wave:

MiniMod VCO

Only £245 inc VAT

Next we have the MiniMod VCF , which is a 24dB per octave lowpass transistor ladder filter, this
module features three inputs for processing multiple audio signals or

MiniMod VCF

Only £195 inc VAT

Then we move onto the Minimod VCA , which is a voltage controlled amplifier that features two discrete
transistor core VCA’s which are hardwired in series, internally it operates at
the same voltage and signal levels as the early Model D voltage controlled

MiniMod VCA

Only £145 inc VAT

The MiniMod Glide, Hold and Noise, which is small but powerful utility for your modular, It
features both the Glide and the Noise generator circuitry from the vintage
Model D synthesiser.

MiniMod Glide Noise Hold

Only £155 inc VAT

And lastly we have the MiniMod Dual Contour EG Generator, with two EG’s that are very accurate replicas of
the Model D contour generators, with identical circuitry and component values
running on the correct +9.3V and -10v supply voltages of the original.

MiniMod Contour Generator

Only £195 inc VAT

AJH Synths are now available to buy online or over the phone, for more information speak to our resident synth guru Tom Lewis; tom@kazbarsystemsinc.com.

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