Acoustic Treatment and Technical Consultancy

If you are looking to improve the acoustic performance of your recording studio, live room, music venue, auditorium or home theatre, Kazbar Systems are here to help.

We also provide acoustic advice for commercial environments such as office spaces, gymnasiums, restaurants and cafes. Large open spaces and high ceilings can have inherent acoustic problems that result in cumulative noise issues, particularly where groups of people congregate.

Snowsound Cafe Installation


Snowsound Boardroom Installs

We believe in providing our experience and expertise in acoustics at competitive rates, offering unrivalled experience and value for money. We can carry out on-site surveys, undertaking detailed analysis of a room to identify and quantify any issues.

Problematic acoustic performance in any environment can become very frustrating in terms of accurate monitoring and mixing. Receiving complaints from your neighbours in regards to sound transfer can also be a huge issue.


Our experienced acousticians use a combination of frequency and waterfall analysis to ascertain reverberation times, identify the modal response of the room and the interaction between the speakers and the playback environment.

To resolve the identified problems we can supply a range of wall and ceiling absorber panels that provide mid and high frequency absorption and diffusion.  We also supply custom-tuned bass traps for taming the low frequencies. 

We use a combination of our own bespoke acoustic solutions and a range of carefully selected ‘off the shelf’ acoustic products and materials to successfully manage room acoustics. All of our products are high quality and are available in a range of colours and finishes.

Acoustic Solutions


Other services we provide are:

  • Acoustic surveys of a proposed location, giving our recommendation on soundproofing specification
  • On-site soundproofing & technical assessment to help improve sound isolation between rooms or adjoining premises
  • Acoustic survey of current rooms to provide advice for the resolution of acoustic problems
  • Industrial noise and vibration control
  • Environmental planning assessments