Carly Paradis purchases Focal SM9 Active Monitor Speakers from Kazbar Systems

Carly Paradis has just moved into her new studio within her excellent East London facillity. Once the studio preparations were complete, Carly (whose recent works include the music for the hugely popular TV series Line Of Duty) needed to upgrade some of her equipment.

At the top of her list were speakers. Having just moved into her acoustically treated studio space, Carly was keen to audition various options when it came to active monitoring. Speakers always perform differently within different spaces plus it is always a personal choice depending on how you enjoy listening to sound.

Once Carly had auditioned the speakers within her list she opted for the Focal SM9 Active Monitor Speakers. Carly also opted for the Argosy Spire 420i speaker stands which include IsAcoustic isolating speaker mounts.

Telefunken CU29 Condenser Microphone available from Kazbar Systems

Neve 1073DPA Dual Channel Mic Preamp available from Kazbar Systems

Additional items Carly purchased were a Telefunken CU29 Microphone for high quality vocal and instrument recording along with a Neve 1073 DPA Dual Channel Mic pre which Carly utilizes for recording vocals, general instruments but also dual channel Piano recording.