Award winning composer Miguel d’Oliveira is self taught and with a passion for playing and collecting every musical instrument known to man. He has scored for big live ensembles and studio based electronic productions.

Between 2004 and 2007 Miguel was also audio editor for Showreel magazine, where he wrote about film music, audio software and studio gear.

In the beginning of 2007, Miguel completed an MA in Composition for Film at the National Film and Television School, and was subsequently selected by the AMPAS and NFTS to attend a series of workshops and meetings in Los Angeles.

Here is an example of Miguel’s’ work:

Soundcloud audio here –

Soundcloud audio here –…

Miguel d’Oliveira started his studio upgrade from Kazbar Systems when he first heard the Focal SM9 Active Speakers while working on a music project at Abbey Road Studios. Delivered and setup in Miguel’s South London studio, this was the beginning of Miguel’s upgrade path.

Miguel d'Oliveira Focal SM9's

Next to be added was the Neve 8803 Dual Channel EQ. This is an excellent EQ delivering the classic Neve sound via 4 Band EQ and two parametric mids. The 8803 is a popular choice for engineers who wish for an EQ to deliver a characteristic sound without the added colouring which a valve based EQ would bring.

Miguel’s Preamp of choice is the Focusrite ISA one. The Focusrite ISA One’s heritage comes from the ISA 110 module originally designed in conjunction with Rupert Neve and features a classic Neve EQ, by using the Focusrite ISA One and the Neve 8803, Miguel is expanding on a trusted configuration.

Miguel d'Oliveira Outboard Miguel d'Oliveira Studio Outboard

Miguel is a strong believer in quality outboard (which is connected directly to his audio interface), the Bricasti M7 is widely regarded as one of the best hardware reverb units available delivering a reverb sound which a DSP plugin cannot match.  

The Kush Audio UBK Fatso offers excellent stereo compression via easy access to excellent compression presets. 

An additional flavour of compression comes with the Chandler Germanium mono Compressor. Excellent for any kind of audio processing, from Kick Drums to Bass, Guitars and Vocals. The Germanium also has a Side Chain facility so two units can be used simultaneously for stereo mixes. Since the pictures were taken, Miguel has upgraded his Apogee Ensemble to a Apogee Symphony 16×16 unit due to the need of further audio ins & outs plus the draw of the excellent Symphony converters.

For control over his Ableton Live DAW Software, Miguel uses the Mackie MCU Control for direct control over fader movement, transport control, channel section and plugin access.

Miguel d'Oliveira Studio Miguel d'Oliveira Mackie Control Universal

Last (but not least), Miguel chose the AKA Design Pro Media Studio Furniture solution offering quality design and space for his equipment. Miguel also has a collection of fine Synthesizers which include a Moog VoyagerRoland Juno 5 and a Dave Smith Prophet 12.

Miguel d'Oliveira Moog Voyager