Based in London’s Matrix Studios, Stuart Roslyn set up his studio in 2008 and recently decided it was time to take a look at his ADDA converter along with his speaker monitoring.

Stuart (whose TV & Film credits include Pacific Rim, Kevin & Perry Go Large, Bridge Jones’s Diary’, Panorama, Despatches and Masterchef along with writing for Paul Oakenfold, Jessie-J and Leona Lewis) first discovered Prism interfaces after Pete Tong vacated the studio which Stuart moved into to, Pete had left with Stuart a Prism Titan as a temporary loan until Pete required it back for his LA based studio. In the void after the return of the Prism, Stuart felt something major was missing from his sound and decided to invest in a new audio interface.

Stuart Rosylyn Upgrades Studio To Prism Atlas from Kazbar Systems

“I noticed a huge drop in quality so decided it was time to upgrade” Stuart explains. “I had several big orchestral projects coming up and needed to make sure I was in the best possible situation to get the best results. I spoke to Gavin at Kazbar Systems and we discussed options. We agreed that the Prism Atlas was the best option for me”.

Stuart Roslyn Studio Installation Upgrade from Kazbar Systems

Stuart adds “When I installed the Atlas, I kept my other interface connected so I could A/B them. The difference is night and day. With the Atlas, the high end is clear and present, and the bottom end is tight and defined.”

Once the audio interface was decided Stuart turned his attention to his speaker monitoring. Stuart had previously been working with Focal Twin 6BE‘s with a Focal CMS Sub and was comfortable with the sound but wondered how the new Focal Trio 6BE‘s would perform in his new room when compared to his previous setup.

Stuart Roslyn Upgrades To Focal Trio 6BE Speakers With Kazbar Systems

The difference in  sound definition and projection was clear and Stuart decided the Focal Trio 6BE‘s would become a permanent part of his new studio.

Stuart also added a pair of IsoAcoustic L8R200 isolating speaker stands to raise the speakers up then angle them down slightly to provide the best sound projection. 

Kazbar Systems Pro Audio Sales

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