Aaron Horn has recently opened the Oat Milk Cafe in Camden, specialising in vegan options, Oat Milk and excellent Coffee from Shepherds & Monk. 

What brings a twist to the Oat Milk Cafe is that Aaron has a host of ex Sarm Studios equipment within the actual cafe, so while you are sipping your coffee, there is studio outboard which Frankie Goes To Hollywood or Band Aid would have been mixed through!

Oat Milk Cafe Studio Installation by Kazbar Systems

Aaron has also installed a fully equipment studio facility in the Cafe basement, hosting an excellent array of ex Sarm West outboard including a vintage Neve Summing Mixer along with a Universal Audio Apollo. Fusing the most modern technology with the best of the past.

Aaron Horn Studio Installation by Kazbar Systems

To make the studio operate as flexibly as possible, allowing the best connectivity with the vintage outboard, Kazbar Systems were brought on board to design and plan the complete installation including the Patchbay design.

There was a considerable amount of connections required from the equipment to two 96-way Bantam Patchbays, Aaron had a large quantity of ex Sarm wiring Looms along with connectors. These were all re-purposed for the studio installation.

Oat Milk Cafe Custom Wiring and Patchbay Design by Kazbar Systems

Kazbar Systems handled all the wiring and connections offsite then assisted with the studio installation and then commissioning.