Soho Radio is an online radio station broadcasting street-side, from the heart of London. 

Soho Radio Studio Upgrade by Kazbar Systems

late 2011, they gutted and renovated a run-down ex-hostess bar in Great
Windmill Street, filling the sound-proofed studio space with a mix of premium,
reclaimed and upcycled materials and equipment ranging from state of the art to
vintage: top of the range mics and mic preamps, an impressive array of vintage
synths and FX pedals, an acoustic piano, drums, and percussion, high end
electronic drums, and a sizeable collection of quirky instruments from
theremins and kalimbas to Irish harps

the business that previously occupied the building, Soho Radio Studios is all
about giving the client a personal service that will leave them with a big
smile on their face. It’s a world away from the sometimes indifferent
experience a client may receive from the larger sound houses.

“We’re a boutique
studio,” says Adrian, “so you won’t get an in-experienced intern or dis-interested
engineer working on your project – we are hands-on all the way from conception
to delivery for every job we work on, big or small.”

Soho Radio Studio Upgrade by Kazbar Systems

started off as a drummer in the band Jocasta and went on to establish a
successful session career working with artists including Ray Davies of The
Kinks, Baby Bird and The Selector, and continues his role as Musical Director
for The Cuban Brothers. 

More recently, Adrian has produced tracks for Datarock,
Ebony Bones and Karin Park’s latest albums. Adrian achieved success with his
own project The Geezers of Nazareth for which he co-wrote and co-produced,
signing a major publishing and record deal to much acclaim. He has composed and
produced the score for The Other Half, starring Danny Dyer and Vinnie Jones,
which won the Portuguese Audience Award.

“Our eclectic roster is made up of shows from the likes of music journalist Pete Paphides, dub maestro Dennis Bovell, Hacienda legend Mike Pickering and Primal Scream bassist Simone Marie. Inspired by Soho’s diverse culture, Soho Radio draws together musicians, artists, filmmakers, poets and the generally curious, from across the globe. “

Soho Radio Studio Upgrade by Kazbar Systems

Adrian has recently added a pair of Focal Shape 65 Active Monitor Speakers to compliment the outstanding array of vintage equipment within the studio. Adrian has been used to working mainly on Yamaha NS10 speakers but adding the Focal Shape 65’s has opened up the detail and sonic quality of the Soho Radio Studio.

Soho Radio Studio Upgrade from Kazbar Systems

Soho Radio Studios, previously known as Toolshed Music, has worked extensively on a variety of prestigious projects including worldwide campaigns for Mercedes, Citroen, Channel 5, Nike, Kit Kat and acted as music supervisors on Everywhere and Nowhere a film by Menhaj Huda.

Soho Radio has grown organically since its humble beginnings in 2014, gathering talent, legends and support along the way. “There are no playlists, allowing the presenters complete, uninterrupted freedom to broadcast whatever they feel.”

Radio You Can Swear By.