Leading professional audio gear manufacturer Antelope Audio multi-channel interfaces are both shipping and available from Kazbar Systems. 

The new interfaces represent a ‘changing of the guard’ in the audio interface market — each new unit delivering specifications, attributes and audio quality never before attainable at any price point.

Zen Tour is the ultimate portable recording interface, with (8) analog inputs and (16) analog outputs among many other features packed in a compact svelte tabletop form factor. Meanwhile, Goliath is the most sophisticated interface Antelope has ever manufactured, offering more I/O connectivity than any other Thunderbolt£ interface on the market: (36) analog inputs and (32) analog outputs. Both units feature Antelope’s proprietary FPGA effects engine and come pre-loaded with dozens of authentic sounding FX and amplifier simulations.

Zen Tour and the Art of Pro-table Recording. 

Antelope Audio The Zen Tour available from Kazbar Systeme

Zen Tour’s diminutive size, elegant touchscreen display and integrated features — such as talkback and a generously sized volume knob — make it an extremely versatile companion for composition or production. Whether you are a producer/engineer by trade and require world-class audio quality on the go, or if you are a musician wanting to capture indelible performances at home or on the stage, Zen Tour delivers the ultimate in portability and puts your production goals within reach. 

The unit’s versatility is achieved with (2) balanced monitor output pairs, (8) line outputs (on D-Sub), (2) independent stereo headphone outputs and (2) mono reamp outputs. The unit’s digital I/O is accessible via ADAT and S/PDIF connectivity, raising its total channel count to (32) via Thunderbolt and (24) via its custom USB protocol. Zen Tour, which is available now at £1159 inc VAT, ships with a plethora of easily accessible FPGA-based audio effects, including classic guitar amps and cabinets, reverbs, compressors and EQs.


Antelope Audio The Goliath available from Kazbar Systems

Power and Flexibility to the ExtremeGoliath represents a new ‘state of the art’ among interfaces, featuring more I/O than any other interface on the market. Goliath is the result of more than 20 years of Antelope’s research and knowledge in digital audio, innovative clocking technologies and analog circuit design. Aside from being the best sounding interface Antelope has ever produced, its specifications are nothing short of stunning: (36) analog inputs and (32) analog outputs, (16) Class-A microphone preamplifiers and Antelope’s renowned clocking technology — all packed within a 2U rackspace. 

Goliath delivers unparalleled connectivity as well, supporting Thunderbolt, custom USB and MADI. In addition to its superb conversion and connectivity specifications, Goliath also features (4) instrument DIs and (2) transformer reamp outputs on the front. Its (24) line level outputs and (16) line inputs — all on DB25 connectors — makes it ideal for tasks requiring hardware inputs or summing. 

Shipping now at £3870 inc VAT, Goliath also features Antelope’s FPGA engine so users can access a continually updated array of hardware-based vintage audio effects, guitar amp and cab simulations, EQs, compressors and Antelope’s very own AuraVerb reverb unit.

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